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More future for the world



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The Kiddds-Website consists of a line of 6 sheets, page 1 - 6. Some of the a-sheets have side-sheets (b-c-d-sheets). By Links the Kiddds-Website (content normality-politics) is cross-connected with the website (content technology), consisting of 6 sheets, with some b-c-d-sheets, and with other websites. The colour of the frame indicates, to which line a sheet belongs. Kiddds red, Energy gold. See also (solving global problems), (content cover-ups),,   and  Complete survey: visite the  graph !


More protection of kids and adults against perversion:

Shadows              .




Kiddds - Network  .  People for the kids of the world.

Kiddds written with 3 d’s ?   Why?

We are working for the kids, for the grandkids and for the grandgrandkids.

So you can easily understand, that Kiddds has to be written with three d’s .

Normality Movement

Network : People for

the kids of the world.

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