Kiddds Society for Children supports and is supported by organi-zations which are important for the world of today and tomorrow. Here are some of them with a short description and a web-address:





Tekstvak: Kiddds and Organisations


Secret Societies



Prevention dictatorship

NN Normality Network

Defensegroup DeepCheck




The Gratis Economy



Companies /Universities


TOPtech Energy

with energybird-technology


Stanley Meyer Group

Nicola Tesla Group






Cosmos Church

(not frightening kids with devils)


(die keine Kinder mit

Teufeln bang macht)



(no churches)

Movement of the Real Life


 >>  Prozess-Philosophie

Moral Goal

Freisinnige Gemeinden




Well-being /Gesundheit


Health advice gratis


Pottenger Foundation

(Reeducation of instincts)


Alexander Foundation

(Reeducation of style.

breathing and moving)


Help Society


Kill killing diseases



Alternative Media


Kiddds-TV (future)


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