Kiddds Society for Children is busy with the world of today and tomorrow. Here are some books describing aspects of the world of yesterday and tomorrow:   ( this work is continued )





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History and Politics

Books of the Canadian moralist

James Bacque

describing the battle between the GOOD, persons as Herbert Hoover, President Truman, R.Patterson, Marshall and others, and the EVIL, persons as Morgenthau, Eisenhower,  Steve Early and others.


Result of the battle: At least 10 million disarmed Germans were secretly killed by the EVIL-GROUP after the “end” of WW2 (1946–1950), but the German nation survived.


The Morgenthau-group didn´t manage to go on with the secret mass murder and to extinguish all Germans, thanks to the forces of the GOOD and a new political constallation: the Cold War. more


In the meantime the EVIL-GROUP has chosen for a slower strategy to conquer the heart of Europe for itself alone… One of its name is strangle snake (´Würgeschlange’): Since 40 years the reproduction rate in  Germany is 1.25 instead of the normal 2.5. That means vanishing of 600.000 Germans each year. And the “German” government has other priorities than bringing it back to 2.5. Indead, in backrooms decisions are made to let it low and to make it still lower, by indirect but very effective means. The EVIL-GROUP´s control over the big medias is decisive for holding the protest on a low level.

A lot of scientists described what is going on and the identity of the EVIL-GROUP and its main operation base for violence. Media control of the group still prohibits the spread of the news. more



The Gratis Economy


Well-being / Gesundheit


‘Das volle Leben’

von Dr.J.G.Schnitzer


Alexander Foundation

(Reeducation of style,

breathing and moving)

‘The Use of the Self’



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