The Kiddds Network

grandparents for the kids of the world


wants to mobilize 100.000 students


to embrace with clever tactics a perversion spill

threatening the world and the future of the planet,

to embrace the Bilderberg-Group of sick billionaires

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Society for kids


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Ovaal: Ovaal:

End of the life cycle

Begin of the life cycle




Tender 2  .


a perverse secret society with perversion of type sadism

with spearhead pleasure in damage by fraud,

a perversion spill far bigger than the pedophiles in the churches


to embrace the Bilderberg-Group of sick billionaires

enforcing the oil-industry causing giant damages,

hushing up and stifling the high tech clean energy industry,


the BB-group of sick billionaires

enforcing the asphalt-industry

producing large losses of nature and huge damages,

suffocating high tech transportation techniques

(see the Orion Project of 10.000 scientists),


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The Network of grand-

parents for the kids of the

world. .Considered to join also ?

Tender 3  .


the BB-group of perverse billionaires

suffering from a gene defect causing sadism,

stimulating population explosion in many

countries (step 1), selling weapons to them (step 2), in

2009 weapons for 1.5 trillion $ (=1.5 x 1 mill. x 1 mill. $),

triggering wars to reduce populations with

sadistic pleasure then in step 3 bloodily,

suffocating population balance projects (see the

World Party Program) combined with quality growth.


Note: the world population of tomorrow (in 100 years)

is for 100% determined by

the children production of today and from now on.

It is possible to stimulate negative exchange

(as the BB-billionaires do)

It is possible to support chaotic exchange.

It is possible to support positive exchange.



With 100.000 students having absorbed the information we provide the boat of the perverse BB-Group will come into heavy weather. Boarding

the boat of the sick people, curing the sick people, is the way to care for a bright future of the planet.







Kiddds written with 3 d’s ?   Why?  We are working

for the kids, for the grandkids and for the grandgrandkids. So you can easily understand, that Kiddds has to be written with three d’s .

Kiddds  and  World Party





have joined hands to organize the work


ETISLAT DB and Reliance communication -partnership