Kiddds Society for Children is busy with the world of today and tomorrow. Here we comment in short actual events and conditions.





Tekstvak: Kiddds  actual


The energy crisis

Its real cause: suppression

of  3 clean energy technologies.

Production of large amounts of

cheap clean energy is possible!


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The money crisis

The credit cisis. The bank crisis

They  are  shaking  the  trees !

It´s a repetition of  an old game:

Causing panic, harvesting billions.



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The security crisis

Help! Terrorists ! Think ! Who is

controling whom? Who controles the

 chiefs? Terrorists and control on you.

Why do the big chiefs refuse to be checked by the most advanced means  for being trust-worthy?. Checks short and reliable directly inside the brain?   click here


The trust crisis

Untrustworthy officials

suspicious of dubble agenda

Officials  choosing worse and very expensive “solutions”, spilling billions, refusing to answer questions: Why?

See open letters to such officials.

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Tekstvak: A crisis is a chance to re-shape the society

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